Audio slightly out of sync when using streaming video apps


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Sep 28, 2018
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Hello to everyone!
I'm posting here, I'm sorry about it, but didn't find any category for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab s4.
I just purchased today the Samsung Galaxy Tab s4, and coming from the Nexus 10 I was astonished by the speed of the device 😀
The only thing that bothers me a lot is that whenever I try to watch YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Facebook videos or any other streaming video app, the audio is out of sync slightly from the video. This happens only when using the tablet speakers or wired headphones, but not with Bluetooth headphones. On Bluetooth the audio sync if perfect. Also playing locally stored files on the tablet itself, the audio sync is perfect regardless of using speakers, wired or Bluetooth headphones.
I've searched and tried everything I could find (latest update, clear app cache, restarted multiple times, disabled stock anti-virus, force gpu rendering on developer options) and nothing works!!
Has someone else had these issues? Can someone please help me, is there any suggestions? Maybe an app or setting for audio latency adjustment? I'm willing to flash a custom rom on the device (been using LineageOS on my Nexus 10) but can't find anything for Galaxy tab s4.

Thank you!