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May 11, 2009
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Hi all
I have a T-mobile G1, and got the 'cupcake' update last week. I HAD no great need of screen rotation before the update, and had browser set to landscape anyway. Since the update, I've noticed that the autorotate only works intermittently. It is set to autorotate, but sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Have tried testing it with calibrating with other apps from the Android market (e.g. Bubble, Labyrinth Lite). Google Maps Street view with compass on seems ok too. Phone is non-rooted (woudn't know where to start with that, and don't want to mess about with anything like that), otherwise all working OK. it's just a bit of a pain, in that I now have to look at the browser in portrait mode most of the time (as you can't now choose to flip orientation), unless by chance it wants to play ball and rotate... help appreciated :)
I'm in the UK, by the way....
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