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backup 2 new device?


Feb 1, 2011
so i just trashed my screen. did not know you could not get drop/spill warranties when i bought it and was using it as a camera on vacation when our real camera died.

didnt do too well being dropped on rocks....

it appears that screen repair is quite exorbitant and i'm way too non-geek to try a repair myself. am just going to go ahead and get another one and put armor on the thing when i'm out anywhere....

so can i back this one up to the google cloud and restore to a new one? or do i have to do stuff piecemeal? or what?


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Dec 28, 2009
Typically, if you sync everything to your Google account you can have it restore apps when you sign in to the new device.


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Oct 17, 2011
Not sure on the backup. But for future reference Square Trade warranties are great for drops & spills. My son broke the Screen on his 10 inch Toshiba tablet and they sent a replacement in less than 10 days. No deductable on Square Trade just had to file a claim. I have a two year full coverge ST warranty on my Note 8.

Plus if you ever purchase a ST warranty look for a Coupon code you can generally get 20 - 25 % or higher discounts.

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