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Backup Android Desktop


New member
Aug 31, 2015
I find it so disappointing that it's so hard to find a reliable means to back up my Android phone. I paid for My Backup Pro, and have had it for... I don't remember, nearly a year. I set a scheduled backup but never once did it every perform a back up. I could never be sure if it did or didn't perform a back up because it gives no feedback of any kind.

I had 4 screens of desktop layout which took some time to manually build. Today I had to reset my phone to Factory Settings and lost my desktop layout. One of the reasons I bought My Backup Pro was because it featured a means to back up the desktop layout. However, My Backup Pro has been failing to back up anything and my desktop layout is lost. I have to manually rebuild the desktop the way I like it. I'm too angry right now to bother. Maybe after I cool off I might try to rebuild it, but really, I can't think of a good reason why. If I ever have to reset my phone again, and I'll lose my desktop layout again.

There MUST be a simpler way to back up my phone and it's desktop. Please someone, if you know how I can do this I would be so greatful!