Battery charging issue

Mark Bentley

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May 25, 2013
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I have recently got a hold of a Nexus 7 in order to do an in-car setup. However I've come across something peculiar when I put it on to charge.

When the screen is on and I plug it in, everything is fine and recognises it as a charger. However, when the screen has been off for a while and I put the charger in then not much seems to happen. I've tried on my computer and when the screen is off and charger is put in then the computer recognises it as a device, but it still thinks it is on battery, even after using the power button and using the device while it's plugged in.
This poses a little problem for me as I won't be able to use the button while it's fitted in the car so the screen coming on when connected to power is necessary.

I've done a clean boot, I've also tried two different roms to see if one didn't install correctly. Still same issue.

Any ideas?