battery consumption


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Jan 7, 2013
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Recently bought a Polaroid PMID701C tablet. I was looking for that battery consumption graph that is on most android phones/tablets. The one where it shows which apps and hardware are consuming the most power. i couldn't find it and gave up. until one day when a low battery warning appeared on the screen. usually i cancel it, but this one time i clicked OK and it brought me to the battery consumption graph i was looking for.

seems to be the only way i can access it. i understand that this tablet is entry level, but shouldn't i be able to get to this without having to wait for a low battery warning?


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Jan 5, 2012
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Odp: battery consumption

They probably changed settnings application, but there possibility they didnt remove it, there intent triggering this setting ACTION_POWER_USAGE_SUMMARY, or try to find settings activity from activity list. Try to download intent caller and triggering that intent if you want it so badly and you really cant find it. You might find some equiclent on google play too.