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Battery drain overnight from 90 to 30?


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Battery drain overnight from 90% to 30%??? Note 5

Just bought a brand new note 5 not too long ago. Everything has been going smoothly for the most part my battery lasts for a pretty long time usually. But today I noticed something strange. I charged my battery nearly all the way up to about 95-90% and went to sleep, and it usually only goes down a little bit when i wake up. But this morning I noticed that my phone was all the way down to 30%.. This never happens and I have nothing running in the background. The only this is I get emails but this doesnt light up the screen or anything and Ive received a bunch of notifications in the past overnight and even then still didn't get this much power drain.. I don't know what's going on, anyone think they might be able to help? This isn't right the phone is brand new.



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Oct 28, 2014
Re: Battery drain overnight from 90% to 30%??? Note 5

1. Go to your settings
2. Go to Battery

You'll see exactly what is draining the battery.

3. Then go back to your settings
4. Go to Apps
5. Go to Running
6. Stop any running program that you wish to stop

Don't stop running processes or services that are vital to running the phone or phone functions. However stopping things like: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, games is perfectly fine to do.

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