Be Aware: Clear Text Passwords in Database Files


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Aug 20, 2012
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Updated: found solution to the below.


Very happy to have found this thread: following the Yahoo! password breaches a few months ago, I changed all of my email passwords online and updated them in the email application on my Samsung Galaxy S (Gingerbread VUVKJ6 / 2.3.6); I then went on holiday and promptly forgot the password (which I used for multiple accounts) - and couldn't remember responses to the various challenge questions, as I'd fabricated them all etc., in addition to all personal information - because I'm paranoid.

The end result is that I still receive emails in the various accounts via my phone, but can't access full functionality online.

That having been said, I just rooted my phone - can you point me towards an article - or explain in a step-by-step format what the next steps would be to access my PWs?

Is the SQLite Editor all that's necessary? I note that it's a few $ - is it straight forward or do I need to read up on how to use? Is there a free Editor available?

I've got nearly 15 yrs of correspondence is some of the Yahoo accounts (including some that aren't routed to the phone), and it would be a pain to lose it all.
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