Be wary of attempting to return your device to Verizon


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Nov 9, 2017
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New unit passed another benchmark. Got case today and it heated up barely if at all. Whereas if this had been the lemon unit, it almost certainly would have overheated in the case. How a phone performs in heat dispersion with a case on is highly important to me. Very glad this one is doing well about holding a good temperature while in the case.

Oooo and another thing,when the first verizon rep ran benchmark tests, it said that particularr S22 only beat 46% of other phones under the same testing benchmark, so brand new, that was another clue the original unit was defective.

I ran the same 3D benchmark on the replacement unit, and it scored over 4 times higher than the faulty unit, ans the graph said the replacement unit outperformed 97% of phones running the same benchmark stress test. So that pretty much guarantees the first unit was a lemon, ans I should be great to go with this replacement.