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Jun 16, 2010
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This may have been covered, but I couldnt find it in a search....

I have the Z Force, Verizon bumper case, and during the week use the Mophie juice mod daily.
What I am looking for and NOT finding anywhere, is a belt-pouch that this will fit in...
Most of the time I just carry it in my back pocket, or jacket pocket, but there are times I'd rather have it on my belt.

I've looked/tried all the ones I can find in town, and even the ones labelled "For XXL Phones" barely, if at all, let the phone fit without the mod and bumper.

Most accurate measurements I was able to get using a promo metric ruler (one of those plastic ones with some company name.. hopefully its accurate) we had here in the office (no one could find a real ruler around here today!) are:

With the bumper and Mophie attached:
81mm wide
161mm tall
19mm thick
(keep in mind those are measured with basically a business card shaped like a ruler ;) accuracy NOT guaranteed)

Anyone using something like this, or seen something that might fit?


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Apr 9, 2014
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I would do a search on Amazon for a belt pouch style for a Note4 . Just make sure that the pouch would hold a Note4 with a case on it. Should hold you phone fine I would think.

Nate Silver

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Apr 6, 2016
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I use a TurtleBack nylon pouch with mine. Works fine with bumper and Tumi battery mod. I can use it with the Hassleblad Camera mod, but its a bit too tight with the grip on that and is hard to get out. The TurtleBack has a riveted metal belt clip, and its the only one that hasn't failed on me yet. The others I tried had sewn on clips, and they invariably tore out at the stitching. I think I originally sized mine for my Nexus 6P.


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Aug 26, 2010
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I have been using Reiko and previously Seido (not sure of the spelling) pouches both sourced from my local flea market for between $5 and $10 for several years now. Granted they don't last too long (sometimes i get a couple months out of one before it starts to tear). But for the money I don't mind stopping in and picking up a new one occasionally. The latest one I have fits with the Force with the Incipio DualPro shell I have.

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