Best SMS forward/ conversion to web/ mobile application ?


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Feb 24, 2016
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I'm seeking a solution to this problem...

I need to have various employees read and respond to texts from a main phone, remotely, from their own device. It would be just one person accessing the main phone at a time but I guess if more than one person could access it that would be a bonus.

I don't want it to forward sms to email.
I want to access it on a separate mobile device usually and not laptop or tablet. So a solution that has a fast and reliable mobile version of the software/ app.

The main phone would be a Nexus 6s perhaps. Or a Blackberry Priv.

The phones accessing the SMS of the main phone would be Android or Iphone. If Blackberry 10 worked too that would save a person or two from switching phones but I'm not optimistic about that so that's not necessary.

All help greatly appreciated.

Thank you