Beware AAA Roadside app issues


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Mar 25, 2011
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I recently installed the AAA Roadside app on my Thunderbolt. After a relatively easy setup I figured I was good to go. Had all my account info including my member card number and which AAA Plan I pay for (or so I thought).

Well I actually had to use it today and AAA definitely has some bugs to work out.

1. As I placed the request for a tow I filled out a few simple screens one of which was "choice of tow truck type" and I selected Flatbed which my car requires. The first truck to show up was a Hook type. The dispatcher never received the "type of truck" info.

2. I have AAA PlusRV which allows for towing up to 100 miles. When the second truck arrived the driver was explaining to me how much it would cost after the first 3 miles .... ummmmm, no ...... you guessed it, the App does NOT provide dispatch with the account type so they put it in as a Standard membership.

I'm not saying I had any problems with AAA themselves, they were all nice and courteous and we eventually got everything moving in the right direction, but the App needs work for sure.

My recommendation? Within the App you can submit like I did or click on the Call 800 number for Assistance. I highly recommend calling. If you choose to do the former, when dispatch calls to confirm your request, make sure you tell them over the phone all the info they should have received in the first place.


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May 17, 2010
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Thanks for sharing, I am glad that I caught this since I am pulling my camper next weekend with my RV plus membership.

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