Blackberry Unlocking on Android Central!

Aug 30, 2011
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Hello!! i'm new here :)
well i'm here to learn more about android devices, i'm using many cell phones and i know a thing or two about android platform, started developing apps for android and i'm here for networking and for learning..

Nice to meet you all! :)

just to be clear:
I know that there is such thing called "trolling" and we don't like it, so to clean any wrong issue - i'm not here for trolling, i am a Blackberry big fan and a CrackBerry user but i am not against any kind of technology if it's positive one and i know that Android is really nice one (if the question is about apple or android i prefer android but not as much as i love Blackberry, sorry :) )
I am using many of the things that Google shared with all of us so i am here for positive posting only.
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