Blu Studio 6.0 HD

Jason Greenway

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Feb 19, 2013
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after rooting the device with no issue i decided i was gonna update and reroot after i got up to lollipop 5.0, however after downloading the first update my phone got an error while trying to install the update, now all it will do is bootloop....PLS help.


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Feb 12, 2012
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One of the first things an update does is check the phone's "signature" (each manufacturer uses a different way of doing it, but basically it checks to make sure that you're running the stock ROM, not something like Cyanogen). Then it checks for root. If eiher of those checks fail, the update is supposed to stop, because updating a custom ROM or a rooted stock ROM with a stock update could brick the phone.

It should have "failed" before it actually did anything. Evidently it did something before it failed - and caused a problem.

Bring it to your carrier and see if they can reflash the update or, barring that, the whole ROM (you'll lose any data on the phone if they have to do that).