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Mar 15, 2011
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I just got Logitech's Bluetooth Keyboard for Android 3.0+ tablets.

I'm less satisfied than I expected to be -- and I didn't have unreasonably high expectations to begin with.

The first thing to address are the keyboard shortcuts. I'm still working to figure out the keyboard shortcuts, whether they're specific to the keyboard or more to Honeycomb. For example, I have yet to figure out forward/next/refresh, page up/down (without jumping focus from hyperlink to hyperlink in order to get the page to scroll), and even application switching. The keyboard has dedicated Home, Back, and Menu buttons, but no button to bring up the application switcher.

The second, and more important, issue that I'm constantly running into is related to key timing/delays. I'm just going to list them. First, the shift key has a nice habit of "overlapping" with my presses of the spacebar resulting in the key combination to "switch language." I get a nice little toast informing me that my language setting is, and remains as, "English - US." I've tried duplicating this on my keyboard at home, on a Windows machine, to see if it's my typing timing instead of the Logitech keyboard/Honeycomb combination, but it didn't happen. Next, the Backspace key. I don't even know how to express my frustration here. It sticks. Not physically, but just the key state itself. I got halfway through this post, and held the Backspace key for around three seconds to erase a sentence, and then released the key when the cursor was a word or so from the beginning of the sentence in order to allow for some delay.

It just kept going and I watched it delete the entire post (of two paragraphs at that point), line by line Unexpected and frustrating. I'm scared of the backspace key now. Actually though.

I'm just looking for others' experience of Bluetooth keyboards. I need to find one that works well for me so that I don't have to take a laptop around with me to classes this year. Also, I apologize for the semi-wall of text this turned in to.

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