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Mar 9, 2012
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This isn't the bluetooth problem per se, it is the Android 13 update. You can't clear the cache, as it is grayed out, and cache is stuck at 14.34KB. Numerous threads on the subject. Samsung and Android suck

Welcome to Android Central! This thread is specifically about Bluetooth issues on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, not Samsung.

If you read through the thread, you'll notice that the OP's problem was resolved after rebooting the phone last month.

It has subsequently become pretty clear that the January monthly security patch on Pixels (which is not what this particular thread is about) contained some additional Bluetooth and Android Auto bugs, which is most likely why many of us have not received January yet (since Google most likely paused the update, and at this point are probably just going to skip it and proceed to February, when they will hopefully have fixed these bugs). The people who did get January pushed to them over-the-air early on and are experiencing these bugs were unfortunate and unlucky -- but the people who were impatient and manually installed the image from Google's site are learning the pitfalls of not waiting for the official over-the-air push.

I've been seeing some Bluetooth complaints on Samsung phones after the January update as well, which makes me wonder if the same issue affecting Pixels was not corrected by Samsung when they tested the update on their phones before officially releasing it.

I'll admit that this is all still speculation on my part (and other tech journalists as well), because no one has made any official announcements about it. But this kind of thing does happen from time to time, which is why I usually recommend that people wait for the official OTA rather than do a manual install. You can say that Samsung and Android suck, but keep in mind that iPhones are not immune from buggy updates either. In the meantime, send feedback to Samsung through the Samsung Members app, and to Google from within the system settings menu.

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