Bluetooth will pair but won't connect!! Please help.


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Nov 10, 2009
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I have a HTC Incredible. Not rooted and really don't want to unless that is absolutely the only way to get this to connect to my new Archos 101, Gen 8 with bluetooth 2.1. I only have 4 days left to return it. I bought it to connect to my phone to make the maps in Google bigger when navigating and possibly if we needed the internet to look something up. That is my main reason for buying this. I have tried every suggestion on this board (as well as other android and Archosfans boards and YouTube videos) to connect my Archos. I've even downloaded some of the apps that have been suggested. I've even tried the tethering that was suggested to no avail. I downloaded the Turbo GPS to no avail. My GPS is greyed out. No matter what I do I can pair them but it will never connect no matter what I do. I'm so frustrated as I can see many have been successful. So I don't know what else I could possibly do. Please give step by step help.
Can those of you that have android phones, especially if you have an HTC Incredible, please, please give me the steps to connect. I am on Verizon if that makes a difference. I hope someone can help as I really like this tablet and it's a bargain compared to the others.
I do use it for other things but as I said the main reason was to see the Google maps bigger when navigating. So if I can't connect to my Incredible I will have to return it to get something that will connect. I considered going to Verizon today to see if they will help but since they don't sell or support the Archos, I highly doubt they will help.
I really hope you can help. Thanks so much for your time.

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