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Jan 1, 2013
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Hello there, first time posting. Hoping I can get some help with this very frustraiting images issue.

I have an unlocked T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II which I al using on the mobilicity network in Toronto Canada. All images that aren't in an app are blurry and pixelated. Images in the default and 3rd party browers, contacts and text mms messages are all screwy. Once a google image search is done, and the images are loading, for the 1st second of them appearing, they will be crystal clear...but then, they seem to adjust themselves and go completely pixelated and blurry. If you open the image it appears just as screwed up enlarged. I feel as if it's an OS issue because it will load fine, then change.

Text message images. When someone wends me an image, not only is it small and nothing like the dimensions of the original picture, it gets placed into a ui similar to a video file. When you open it...the image is a 10 second long, still pixelated image, with a damn slider? No clue why.

Contacts like those from facebook and such, their images are pixelated/blurry.

If anyone knows of any possible way to fix the issues, it would be greatly appreciated. I understand Mobilicity has a Note II varient that is very similar to T-Mobiles, but without these issues. Due to critical time restraints, and the inability to wait for Mobilicity's incompetance in getting me a new handset, I purchased the unlocked version from T-Mobile elsewhere. I had a Mobilicity hand set, but the screen had a..what appeared to be a manifacturing fault on the screen (darkened deae looking pixels, but still worked fine?) Returned it, they wouldn't have been able to get a new one for nearly a week; I needed my phone for work and school.

Thanks in advance. If there are any questions needed about my network, hand set, or the like, please leave a post.

Also, about the update that T-Mobile pushed a few weeks ago, how can I see if I can download it? I haven't seen any notification. I'm new to Android.


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Dec 19, 2011
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Becaues ur not on tmobiles network for the update [if I was u just flash a rom]

Becaue this is a mms thing. They have always compressed imgs. Its not ur phone or their phone, its the network. They all do this.

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