Bright screen Flash Especially when liking Facebook Pictures


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Mar 29, 2011
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We just recently purchased 3 S10E carrier phones on Verizon . On one of them we see a bright Flash on some of the screens. One main place that weve been able to repeat it over and over is on the Facebook app when you like a Picture. It Does not seem to happen when you like videos. It's not like random pixels Firing or not firing it seems to be just the section of the screen covered by the picture. So the rectangle that is the picture flashes really fast A bright white light like when a phone uses the front display as a flash for a selfy. It appears like when you hit the like button the picture goes away leaving a bright square and then immediately re shows the picture. We tried it on the browser version of Fb and no issue. We cleared the cache on Facebook app But that did not stop it. I'm told it happened outside of Facebook also but I did not see that so I can't describe those. When I look up screen flashing I see issues as far back as the S4 but none of them really describe it well enough to know it is the same thing. The articles all repeat themselves stating 1st Safe mode to see if its an app( it is Facebook). Then clearing the phone cache And finally a factory reset all to see if it's a hardware issue or not by Cutting everything else out 1st. We're going to try clearing the phone cache tomorrow after work But I get eyes of death when I mention factory reset. Any Similar reports of occurrences of this or assistance/ Knowledge would be greatly appreciated. I tried to explain that a new device would be effectively the same as a factory reset But that did not go over well. Thanks again.


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Feb 12, 2012
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I tried to explain that a new device would be effectively the same as a factory reset
Unless there's a hardware issue.

If it's a new device, I'd have it exchanged as a factory defect. (If everything is backed up, nothing will be lost. If some things aren't backed up, this will teach the whole family to always back up anything that might be important.)