Build my own business in Phone Case


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Jul 18, 2015
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The beginning of this year I’ve quit my job in MI as an Auto engineer and came back to China to build my own business in Phone Case Industry.
It’s tough because my family think it’s honor to gain a job in US and maybe some day be a American.
Anyway I came back.
I’m delight my first product came out last week. This case is for Samsung S6. I design my case with two hard shell outside and one rubber layer inside. The biggest characteristic of my phone is I place the mating line at the front of the case, leaving the side and the back of the case continuous and complete. It’s perfect business casual style.

This is my small ebay shop, if you interest in you could search Himalayas Case in Ebay

The only unsatisfied thing is the case published two months after the phone publish….But the coming case for Iphone 6S case will meet the date.