Call quality and Otterbox


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Aug 19, 2015
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I am very interested in the Note 5, an upgrade from my S3, now having battery recharge issues.

What I have not heard yet is regarding the Note 5 call clarity. Can someone comment on call reception and speakers for group conference calls? Or is this even an issue in 2015? I would rate my S3 as somewhat below average, and would definitely enjoy better call clarity and reception in remote areas (fewer bars).

Perhaps muffling my S3 a bit is that I am using an Otterbox which has protected my phone from a number of incidents over the years, as I frequently travel to construction sites. Intend to purchase a Defender for the Note 5 for protection on day 1. Yes, I know that makes the phone even larger.

I am assuming that call quality and even wireless charging will not be affected by the Otterbox. Don't want to lose that new functionality with a case.