Camera and Audio Issues

Feb 26, 2012
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Having camera and audio issues(as well as a few other little problems). I love my old Evo- best phone I ever had. I was very excited about this phone- but this camera is making my kids look PINK. I'm using Automatic mode, in full sunlight. The pictures look that way on my Mac as well. I just want to take pictures that look good- I don't want to have to fuss with settings for every single shot/ scenario. It SHOULD take a decent shot in automatic mode. Camera seems to be having focusing issues as well- seems hard for it to lock on- not all the time, but sporadically.
Love the slow motion video. It worked great for a couple of days BUT now whenever I try to film in slow motion, the image gets very dark, and blurry. After multiple restarts, I did a factory reset, and it's still doing it.
Movie Editor does not work either. Can't add more than the first 15 seconds of a video clip. Also- saved the first 2 projects I created, yet now won't save any new ones.
Audio in the car- LOUD HISSING IN BETWEEN SONGS. Does not happen on my old Evo 4G, nor my wife's iPhone. I'm guessing it's this phone's hardware. For some reason it really bothered my son. He asked me to turn it off.
Having the 'asking for Date/ Time' issue several times a day as well(no big deal).
For the most part, I love this phone, but 22 months is a long commitment for me, and I just want to make sure I get it right. I have had the original Evo since very close to launch day. It has been super reliable, but is showing it's age. Bought my new 4G LTE at Best Buy, so I guess I have 30 days. Wonder if I should exchange it, or wait for a software update. Or perhaps I should return it, and wait a couple of months for new units from Taiwan, that hopefully will address any hardware issues the current crop may be having. I've never returned a phone before. Anyone else having these issues? What would you guys do?

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