Camera improvements - How does the S10 compare now?


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Mar 12, 2016
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Samsung it seems went a similar route to Google this year with the S10/10+ in that he main camera hardware was largely unchanged and (new lenses aside) the improvements all were to come from software.

Anecdotally at least it also seems that the S10 camera has improved a lot since launch with night sight and other changes. So I am wondering as to how close the S10 now is to the Pixel 4, iPhone 11 pro or Huawei’s? I did some quick tests earlier vs the pixel 4 xl, mate 20 pro and iPhone 11 pro and they were all close with the edge maybe to the iPhone, I am going to try and do some scientific testing soon.

I am also curious to test the ultra-wide as some say it is sharper on the S10 than others.