Can anyone help me with some random questions I have about SMS?


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Nov 20, 2014
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Some questions for anyone that knows...

Hello all!

So I have two random issues/questions to ask, so here I go:

1.) Right now I've stuck with the stock Google app for SMS. It works for me but I do find one thing annoying with it. It's really annoying to scroll through hundreds of text messages to get to the top of the conversation. I did some research and it looks like Textra is the most popular SMS replacement app. I tried looking but can't find for certain if Textra would allow easy scrolling through messages or do you just have to 'suffer' through it?

Also if I did switch/add Textra, does it 'import' the old SMS messages? I assume yes but you know what happens when you assume....

2.) The other issue is a bit of an odd thing that occurs every now and then. When I have my phone plugged in and charging, usually it has the "screen saver" with the time going around the screen and/or just a black screen and when I tap the phone it 'wakes up' to the numpad security login like it should. The issue is that sometimes when I tap the phone the screen "turns off" and I have to manually hit the power button to wake it back up.

It doesn't happen every time and only happens when it's plugged in; since when it's not plugged in the screen turns off after a minute or two anyways.

Thoughts on that?

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