Can galaxy S3 work as a storage device w/o contract?


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Dec 10, 2014
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Thanks to this forum, I'll be able to retrieve pictures and music from my freshly broken galaxy s3. (or could I?)

I dropped it pretty bad and saw the screen showing to strange color spectrum. And that was it.
I can hear text message, even receive a call ( swiped on a random spot on the blacked out screen and it worked!) but I just can't see it.

Luckily I'm due for 2yr upgrade with Verizon but I need to transfer all my pictures to my computer first.
If I get a new phone today, my galaxy s3 will be out of contract and SIM card.
Would it still connect to Kies?
I'm going to download music and pictures before going to Verizon store but in case I need something else form this phone later on, would it still work as a kind of storage?

An additional question.
I never set lock screen on my phone but in the Android File Transfer program,
I can't access my pictures.
It connects and I can open and download all the other files (even pictures that were edited in other programs) but pictures in the camera folder.
When I click open, the pop up says the screen is locked.
Why is it?
How do I make Android File Transfer work?


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Jan 18, 2013
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I can't speak to the degree of your mechanical problems. But a SIM card is not necessary for your phone to perform most of its functions. The only thing you'll lose is phone calls and texts through your carrier number. But anything you can do now with WiFi or with a hard wire to your computer you can still do after the SIM card is gone.

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