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May 23, 2010
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What Moscow said. The developers are moving along pretty good and should have some useable builds hopefully in the coming weeks. When they do get Android running you'll be able to use either the Android Market, Amazon, Appbrain or Getjar to purchase apps. I have only used the Android I can't touch on whether the latter offer a paypal option to download apps.


Sep 26, 2011
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Hi, I am an apple user unfamiliar with android and have a jailbroken iPhone 4
Just won an HP Touchpad and picked it up 2 days ago.
Although webOS is nice, it doesn't offer me what I am used to.

Not sure of the right terms but can i turn this Touchpad into an android device.
Someone said that I would be able to do so?

But what i need to know first if so, is whether or not if i were to, if these few things could be accomplished on it.

First, I dont use credit cards online which poses a problem buying apps. By having jailbroken my phone I am able to pay for them through CYDIA to the developers with pay pal. HP app store only accepts credit cards. So far I have not had a problem doing it this way but if i did want an app and was unable to pay for it, a jailbroken device does allow me the ability to download the app for free, which I am not overly comfy with doing but feel that if its made too difficult for me to make payment, then I haven't any choice but so far most take paypal.

Secondly, I have about 500 .mob Ebooks that i am able to instal on my Kindle app and read.
Admittedly I didn't buy these from Amazon so they are my own and with the jailbroken iPHone, I can easily install them and read them there.

I MUST be able to put on Angry Birds. Again I cant do that through the HP store not using credit cards.
If worse came to worse i cold have someone put it on for me but i dont want to have to resort to that any time I want an app

Beyond the rest, browsers email, etc, the above are MUSTS if I want to get any use of of it so I was told that I could load it up with an android os and that i would be able to do the above once rooted, etc?

Can anyone confirm for me at least that the above can be done.
If so, then I will do it and read further and figure out how to do it.

TIA ;-)

Moscow Desire

Mar 3, 2011
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To be honest, Android hasn't been ported to the touchpad,,,, yet. Groups of developers have been working on this, and they have a somewhat version of android running on it and are making headway, but not something ready for the mainstream audience.

Hopefully, in the next couple of months, they will have a solution.

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