Can I get some Google Play help?


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google play help

So I rooted my phone because i wanted full control over it.

I know a bit about android and stuff because im an app developer. But I have ruined my phone because i wanted to go back to the old market. I dont like the new google play so i decided to delete everything associated with google play store. And i know google play services updates the store so i also uninstalled it. When i realized that i couldn't have the market, i decided to revert back to google play. But now all the apps are saying "google play services error" or it needs an update. I have downloaded the latest version off the web (i cant get the play store to work :/) But i have tried lots of versions of both google play and google play services. None work! Any tips? I might have deleted the marketupdater.apk or something. Not sure....

Any help appreciated!

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