Can I get some help with a few questions about Cyanogenmod?

Feb 19, 2015
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A Few Questions About Cyanogenmod

Just two, really:

1) I had some difficulties getting Cyanogenmod installed on my LG G3 phone under T-Mobile (D851). Are there compatibility issues that I should be aware of? I didn't catch anything online before the install.

The ROM works nicely, I love the look and I love the feel way better than the stock. No wonder it's so popular. Some hiccups with the graphics that require me to turn the screen off and on but I think that's more due to the fact that it's 12.1 Nightly. My concern is that I didn't see "d851" in a device list except for the 12.1 download. Was I mistaken and could acquire a more stable version?

2) This is my biggest concern: Homescreen customization. I looked everywhere for an answer and couldn't find any. In the stock ROM I could not only rearrange my home screens but delete whole screens at a time. I have a specific layout in mind and cannot without being able to add and delete them. Also, adding apps into a folder seems tedious and drawn out. In the stock ROM I was able to push a small plus sign and add multiple apps at once. Is there a way to do that?

Thank you for taking time to read and answer.