Can I get some help with some issues I am with AT&T Messages and other apps since the Lollipop update?


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Jul 29, 2015
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Issues with AT&T Messages and other apps since Lollipop update

I am on a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active device. The version of the app is Since the update, the app has multiple issues. When sending a text, the spinning "sending" indicator does not go away, even after the recipient has received the message. The app crashes/freezes mulitiple times during the day. It can be when a message is received, when I am trying to open the message or when a message is being deleted. I always choose the "Report" option and submit feedback. But on at least five occaisions, it freezes so completely that it freezes the entire phone. I am unable to reboot unless I remove the battery.
I have followed advice from multiple forums suggesting wiping the cache, done, and reseting the phone but the issues continue. I contacted AT&T and they said they were unaware of any issues with the app and to continue to submit the reports when it does have issues.
There are other issues like the start/stop of playback when using a bluetooth headset. It is like something is pausing and unpausing the play. This happens if the screen is locked or unlocked and no other apps are running. Very irritating. Also, my Audible app closes itself with no warning when I am listening to my books.


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Aug 4, 2015
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Re: Can I get some help with some issues I am with AT&T Messages and other apps since the Lollipop u

I'm having a major issue with bluetooth connectivity with my car now since update. It keeps connecting and disconnecting and won't hole the connection open. Major pain. Haven't noticed any other issues with update.

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