Can I Remove Google Contacts from Messaging App?


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Jan 5, 2013
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I can toggle which contacts are visible in the stock Contacts app just fine via the "Contacts to Display" option (i.e. show "Phone" contacts but not Google contacts). However, when I go to the stock messaging app, all of my Google contacts show up there (even though they do not show up in the stock Contacts app). I've tried "un-synching" Google contacts, but to no effect. The only way they disappear is if I remove my Google account from the phone, which is obviously not really a viable option. Any idea why the stock messaging app doesn't mirror what is visible in the stock Contacts app? Any idea how to get rid of unwanted Google contacts in stock messaging app without removing Google account from the phone?

By the way, I know it's probably best practice to move all contacts over the Google anyway, and just use that, but this is my wife's phone and she's not quite up to it yet...