Cannot user voice command while phone is locked


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Mar 14, 2014
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I don't understand why it makes sense to Samsung that you cannot use voice command while your phone is locked. At a minimum, they should allow us to make a phone call while the phone is locked. The only way to do so is to "screen lock" your phone with no password.

I just switched to Samsung S4 from a Nokia Windows phone. The Nokia/Windows interface is far more superior than Samsung. I had previously used Samsung Blackjack before, and I don't recall not being able to use voice dialing while the screen was lock. The only reason I have to switch away from Nokia is the lack of business apps that I need on my phone.

It seems like Samsung engineers spent all their time on fancy features and forgot the basic ones. I work in the wireless industry for over a decade, and have played with many different cell phones. This is by far my least favorite one. I would go back to Blackjack with the small screen any day.

If anyone has a solution to bypass this issue, please let me know. Thanks!


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May 23, 2010
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That's a solution that only Moto has implemented with the Moto X and the always listening feature. There may be apps on the Play Store to enable a similar functionality, but may not be as efficient. I'm pretty sure the S4 has a handsfree or driving mode, which will allow you to take a handsfree approach while using the phone. It's not really what you are looking for, but is probably the closest.