Can't activate brand new Photon Q on Sprint Network

Keith Dickey

New member
Aug 2, 2015
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Last September I purchased a new Sprint Photon Q through Amazon (reseller was BREED). I purchased it primarily as a backup device as my primary and original Photon Q I got in 2013 was starting to have some over heating / battery issues. Anyways, my old phone has finally shutdown completely, and I just tried activating the new one I had purchased in September. It won't activate, and gives some kind of authentication error. I took it to the Sprint store, and they couldn't get it activated either. This phone came shrink wrapped in a Sprint box, is brand new, and when you turn it on it goes through the first time activation procedure. It also has all the standard Sprint software on it. So I'm pretty sure it's an authentic Sprint phone.

I'm curious if any else out there has had issues activating a new Photon Q ordered online? Any tricks or secrets to get it activated?