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What is this horse****? This has ALWAYS worked. All of a sudden, cannot edit tags. This album art is nothing that I have on my phone or have anything to do with this song, and wanted to change the album to group other songs. This Music App has always worked great. The more they take away, the easier it's going to become to go apple, which I never thought I'd say

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Which phone, which app, and how are you trying to edit the ID3 tags? Also, where did you obtain the music tracks from?

Just an aside: the "threat" of switching to iPhone doesn't really carry any weight on these forums. We're all volunteers, not Google employees, so we have no vested interest in Google's business practices (apart from being enthusiasts for the products). There are also many members here who dabble in both ecosystems, so there may very well be someone who can opine on if you'd have any better luck over on the fruity side of things.

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