Can't get out of group text


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Aug 2, 2013
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No matter what I do I can not get out of this thing. I delete it. I archive it. I turn off notifications for it and it keeps coming back. Even after turning off notifications when a new messege comes in I get a notification. My God I can not stand this. These are family members so I can't block them.

What to do? Please help?

Edit: Pixel 2XL


Jul 14, 2011
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Unfortunately you can't get out of a group chat just by deleting the thread. Remember that these are basically e-mails and you're being included in the CC field. If you delete the thread, that only deletes it from your phone, but anyone else that replies to a message, still has your number in there, so you get the notification and thread sent to you. Only way to avoid it is to block the numbers in it, ask your family members to remove you from the conversation (and hope that no one replies to an old message that still has your number attached), or use an app that supports muting conversations (like Textra); that way you still receive the group chat messages, but no notifications for it .