Cant receive calls or texts but no problem making them


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Jun 29, 2018
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For the best part of a month I have been unable to receive any texts or calls whatsoever. I also get no notification of missed calls that have been made. I can both send texts and make calls with no issue and have no problems with data.
The problem occurred in both the phone I'm currently using (Samsung A5) and my old handset so I had assumed it was a network issue. After endless trouble shooting calls over several weeks with Virgin I opted to just cancel the contract and took out a new one (now with iD) but the problem has remained.

Has anyone experienced similar issues?? When people call it is sending them to an EE answerphone (this happened both when i was on virgin and iD) so it seems as though my number is being diverted somewhere. I've checked all the message centre numbers etc on my phone and they're all correct.
I'm running out of patience and ideas but I don't want to lose this number!

As a side note, when Ive tested by texting or calling myself it arrives no problem and also goes through to my regular answer phone... But no other person is able to get through
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