Can't turn on LG G3. Tried probably everything


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Feb 25, 2014
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I don't know why this started but two weeks ago it just turned off and got stock at LG screen. I thought it was faulty battery, but it doesn't turn on with a new battery too.

Here's what I tried so far
  • I got KDZ file from LG's website w/ IMEI and tried to deploy it with LGFlashTool2014. 1 or 2 times it went to 11% and failed. Now it only gets to 4% and fails. Different KDZ files are no different
  • Followed tutorials from XDA to deploy different TOT & DLL files with different LG Flash Tool. Depending on the Upgrade DL / Update DL I get different errors, can't read device information or something like that.
  • Hard reset with Vol+Power combinations. At first I was getting Erasing with green android, it would restart to LG screen, then after a while just black (turned on) screen. Now it goes to green android w/o erasing > LG screen (repeat 1-2 times) and turn off. This is where my phone is stuck now Just turning it on leads to this
  • At the very beginning I was able to boot in safe mode, 3 times, but it always turned off before I was able to do anything. Safe mode doen't work anymore

Is there anything else I could try to make this phone turn on

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