Can't unlock Note 4 after many failed finger swipes, what should I do?

David Moreau

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Jul 25, 2015
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Can't unlock Note 4 after many failed finger swipes

I have on Note 4 on Verizon in the US. The Android is updated to what is the most recent vanilla Android from Verizon. While in France a few days ago, I needed to pull up a boarding pass. Since the French doesn't seem to like to use air conditioning, the finger scan failed many times until the phone stopped prompting me for a finger scan at all. Now, a keyboard always appears when the phone is booted.

This happened to me before and the only way previously to recover was to use the Samsung Find My Mobile. Android Device Manager was useless as it would say that the device already has a password. I'm pretty sure I have used the proper backup password assigned, but it is possible that the passwords that I have tried are all wrong. Regardless, ADM should allow me to set a new password, as should the Samsung service.

Unfortunately, since I was using the phone in France when this happened, the phone is set to either global mode or the mode that supports GSM. This means that the phone does not seem to be properly connecting to the Verizon network now that I am back in the US. Calling the phone does not work at all. While ADM seemed to figure out that there is already a lock screen in place, none of the features of Samsung Find My Mobile seem to work without the cel network. I am connected to my home wifi. I also have a few bars for reception, though I doubt that the bars are for Verizon or anything that the phone can actually use.
I want to avoid the hassle of a factory reset through the recovery menu. Does anyone know how, with my phone in its current state, I can do any of the following:

1. Change the mobile network mode to LTE (the mode needed for Verizon)
2. Get ADM to set a new unlock password that overrides my current settings (that are using fingerprint primarily)
3. Get Samsung Find My Mobile to unlock the phone with only wifi connectivity
4. Some other magical fix

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