Captioning/Subtitles are set to "default on" even when off.

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Hello all!

I've come to this point to ask a question after reaching my last straw.

I am on a LG v30+ running Android 8.0, and for probably about a year now I have noticed that subtitles on protected content apps (Play Movies, Netflix, Hulu ect.) are defaulted to on even when the setting in accessibility is set to off.

I reached my last straw today because when I used Netflix's subtitles ONCE they are now defaulted on every video, movie, show no matter how many times or ways that I turn them off. I even cleared the cache on Netflix, and the accessibility system app.

This is after months of whenever I rent or buy a movie on Google play that captions are on everytime. I believe at this point that the problem is a bug or somewhere in Android is a cache or something for apps to always default to captioning when playing protected content.
I have been on many forum pages and the (disappointing) Android Reddit trying to figure this out and no one seems to have a similar problem.

Please share your thoughts, empathy and hopefully ideas to fix this belligerent problem.

Thank you,

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