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Jan 2, 2014
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I have a problem when pairing my S22 to my cars Bluetooth. On occasion it shows my phone making an outgoing call. I'm not able to use Google Assistant when this happens. This also happens when using my Pixel 4a5g. I have tried deleting and reparing the phones but the problem keeps recurring.

Any thoughts?


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DARK Vader777

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Feb 5, 2016
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Only suggestion my friend is to have your technician to Jack into your system to make sure everything is working all right have them try their Bluetooth items because I had this trouble back in my s20 ultra and my wife's brand new Honda 2020 Accord what it would do is why you on a Bluetooth call it's kicking off why you listen to the Bluetooth song kick it off and then show the guy you try to give me the runaround I said no plug it in and we're going to listen side by side I went back to where they work. on today give him about an hour and a half never a problem
Then I was it was on the warranty they wanted to put on a new system in there I don't know if you're at that point now but if you have a warranty partner on your side go all in for that and they need to pay for, Bluetooth ain't working right hey man best wishes my friend. Another thing is you want to make sure this is the car is wrong doing it at the car....slap up another Bluetooth device I got four or five of them and just try each one for about a good half hour but if it's coming from the car and that's where it's sounds like they can plug right into a computer and see when you connect and everything see where it's dropping off and all that a ink sure about much on advice but back in the day we used to install a stereo equipment amps and all that you know the whole nine yards equalizers. You didn't do an hour right now you'll try to say it ain't done my first but if it's a new car please believe me they'll change your whole system out and it won't cost you a dime just tell him hey man it only does it with the car all right nothing else change my stuff out and that's it sometimes you got to get a little tough with these guys where you going to be honest too it was doing stuff at the house then it's your phone you know I'm the last one to be able give you a bunch of advice but you know the next thing to do is to bust out and reset your whole device and you know we ain't doing that unless you really have to I will back up all your music, contacts and everyone
Back up Thanksgiving I don't know and then reload it best advice I can give you. Guarantee you only got to do is go in there and reset the parameters clear their memory and what you going to have to do is you're going to have to reload your phone as if you just bought your car all right. Yeah I'm on this Google speak so somewhere it's going to come out right I ain't repeating them I'm tired but hit me back if you get it right


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Mar 1, 2012
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My phone does that when I look at a Google Home Doorbell notification error connected to car.
The only way I can get the faux phone call to myself, to go away is to force close the Google Home app.

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