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Dec 19, 2011
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Depends on your prefrence. Their is alot of bests. My bast will proly not equate your best.

Your best bet is to go around and look

I like my fosmon case and antiglare screen protectors. Has a kickstand.

Its a cheep combo on ebay

U dont realy need screen protecors. But I like the anti glare.

Privacy would be good too. Depending on ur prefrence.

I realy wanna find a nerf case.
Guess nerf dont want my money.

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Aug 31, 2012
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I would say the stock T-mobile screen covers are as good as any. I run my N2 without a screen cover but I do use a case.

After allot of research I found the Tech 21 3DO case is the best you can get for you're Note 2. As for screen protectors I also found that if you want to get the most out of you're screen don't use one unless you work in a outside inviorment and are going to have to use you're phone with dirty hands. If that's not the case then I would say don't run a screen protector just because every one I've tried dilutes the screen and makes it harder to use and takes away the smoothness.

Anyway, check out the Tech 21 D3O case. It is very low profile compared to any other case that gives this much protection and it goes on/off very easy, with very little effort at all. It also adds enough lift along the side of the phones bezel that you can turn your phone over on it's screen and not worry about scratching it.

But in the end it's really up to you on wether or not you want to run a screen protector. If anything try one out and if you can handle using a screen protector go for it but like I said, I've tried them all and just after using the s-pen for about a week the screen protector looked like crap. There were scratches all over it and it was much harder to clean then the screen without a protector on it.

But that makes sense because the Gorilla Glass 2 is much harder then any screen protector.

Anyway, good luck.

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