Centralized playlist management and wifi sync Windows to Android??


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Feb 7, 2016
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I want to have centrally managed playlists and wifi sync.

I tried MusicBee and bittorrent sync. Playlists did work correctly, the songs companies but i could not get Android to use any of the playlists over the virtual interface from MusicBee.

I tried Media Monkey which worked the best, but due to a couple oddities in the UI I really hate the workflow of the program. It's sad because like two UI tweaks and I'd pay for the program. The biggest gripe was that there was no easy way to track the currently playing song and delete it from the playlist or the library. MusicBee has an option to highlight currently playing song in the main windows, Media Monkey can't really do that so I wound up clicking back and forth a lot.

I currently have Amazon Music but UI sucks even worse really and the playlist generation tools are a joke. The streaming options mostly just get in the way of making good playlists. There is also no way to import playlists, which is ridiculous.

Now I'm starting to give up and considering switching back to iTunes and buying Doubletwist which seems it MIGHT do enough of what I want while still having the good enough UI of iTunes.

CloudPlayer is also an option but I suspect it's playlist management capabilities are worse. I like that in iTunes of MusicBee I can just search all Dubstep or search all Folk and put it into a playlist in like 2 seconds.

I have no brand loyalty here. I would love if it could pass tag information too, not sure if DoubleTwist does that. I would also LOVE Ok Google integration. I would especially like if I could use voice to remove a song from the currently playing playlist and then pass that back to the file server at my house over wifi. I've read some extra voice features can be done with Tasker, but I'm not sure about delete from playlist, which I think would be a killer feature. I'd probably pay 20 bucks just for that one command so I could listen and not be bothered to interface with some gadget or computer.

Anyway... suggestions? What am I doing wrong here? Am I the last person on Earth trying to play local music or what? I'm not interested in paying 10 bucks a month for 29,990,000 songs I don't want to listen to.

Thanks, sorry for the long post. I've spent the last month trying to find a good solution and every time I get close something like the horrible UI or inability to import playlists really makes me want to just stick to USB syncing.

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