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Nov 29, 2010
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Just got the OTA update yesterday morning. My Optimus S is not rooted and I don't plan on rooting unless something really neat comes along that I just have to.

I have noticed some changes... One VERY annoying.

Minor: I alway use the "manage applications" in setting to FC programs after I reboot phone and several times a day because certain ones keep restarting.

Telenav which is factory installed on mine (I believe due to a sprint ID pack) always restarts 3-4 times a day. Usually only when you change location (kind of makes sense) but I wish it would stay off,.

No change with telenav but Gmail is different.
I always FC Gmail and it rarely comes back on. After the update, it comes on every time within minutes.
No big deal but annoying nonetheless.

THe big one is the phone icon at the bottom to the left of applications tab.

This one takes you to the phone area where you can choose phone, call log, contacts, favorites.
Before the update, one I do there and tap call log, it stays on call log every time I go back to the phone menu.
This was great since I put a shortcut on my home screen to"phone" (it shows up as blue phone square) and that shortcut takes me to dialer, and the factory phone tab took me to call log.
Now, after update, it only return to dialer every time.
This is bad and very annoying.
The phone shortcut came from the apps list, but there is no call log in the apps to do use for a new shortcut.
So now I have to press an extra tab every time I go to call logs which in my case is 15-20 times a day. VERY ANNOYING!!

It also seems my voice mail is a little slower notifying me after a missed call that leaves a message. This could just be network, but only it has been slower since the update.

I know little about the VC radio and all of that but I have seen no improvement on anything in the update, only two needless changes that tick me off.

Take care all...


Sep 4, 2009
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Don't worry about apps "running." Android manages memory very well. An app that's in background status uses no cpu, and has no impact on performance or battery life. It's just sitting there, in case you want to use it. If you start another app that needs the memory, Android will automatically free up memory that's being used by background apps.

In truth, repeatedly force-closing apps uses MORE battery, because it takes juice to close the app, and more when Android decides to restart something.

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