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May 11, 2011
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Just curious if anyone has messed around with the band preference settings on QPST. I changed it from PCS only (which was the default on my phone) to Automatic and now it's found a closer tower. Changing the PRL never found the closer tower. Haven't done much testing to check the voice and data rates but it does show up here: as being part of the PRL that I have on my phone.

EDIT: I just changed it back to PCS only then back to Automatic and now I don't get any data connection at all. First time I changed it it was pretty slow though, although I did get better service because I connected to a different tower...and the second time it couldn't find the tower it was connected to (using Open Signal)
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Aug 30, 2011
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Hmm, maybe you confused your tower? do you know how towers work?
there is a primary box and a secondry box, the secondary typically serves for routing
to the cheaper prepaid servicez i think such as locust h2o i dont remember but they suck really bad.
see ldpost i believe, although an unknow esn may be routed to thd american roaming network.
hence an esn of 000000 will be prompted to pay via credit card make a collect call =) of use a phone card
that phone can also be provisioned with nearly any #.
for example, I tested calling my sisters house and caused her own # to come up on caller id.
once this box had you the only way I know to return to the normal primary
box is to re-enter the a-key on your phone or call your provider claiming not to have a clue why your data is not working and.they will still end up having u reenyer
your akey -probably- you can find your akey(authentication key)
with cdma workshop (possibly)
but I gurantee the cave akey calculator will probably work
good luck


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Aug 30, 2011
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i do not know how to reenter akey on these phones at least in cyanogenmod
##akey# does not work
you may find the akey short code with cave and try entering it in cdma workshop
or flash stock rom if ##akey# asks for akey enter it reboot test, then return to your mod
this should register you correctly with the tower.
This brings me back to those old token days, I need to look into what those cool people are doing.
I once heard they did something I wad interested in checking out - setting up your own data service.
I can concieve this as possible with private towers on unused frequencies a list of which is somewhere online. but I would like to know how they had setup their own gateway
that would be ideal. free unlimited uncensorable fully conected data networks

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