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Feb 16, 2011
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Please bare with me. This might be a real noob question.

I've rooted my phone in the past, but then went back to stock ROM unrooted. There was just no driving reason for me to stay rooted...till now.

These "Low on space. Application data space is low." are driving me nuts. The problem is that I get low on space in the /data/data partition. The only way to clear that warning seems to be deleting App Data for apps that use a lot of App Data space. I use Quick App Manager to see what's using the most.

I ran across this thread on MoDaCo. [GUIDE] How to get more FREE SPACE for your apps - Android @ MoDaCo This would be great since I have tons of unused cache space and don't mind deleting app cache. However, I'm extremely low on /data/data space.

It talks about changing your partitions on your phone. It also claims no root needed, but that may just be for the ZTE Blade phone since this post was in their forum.

Does anyone know if you can do something like this on the Droid Inc (either Rooted or Unrooted)?

From MoDaCo Post
B changing partition sizes (to get more space from unused space in system and cache): (no root required; works with ALL ROMs) Recommended! Especially if A2SD isn't enough for you... Perhaps you can get more space from unused spare space in the /system and /cache partition. Example: Before: /system 210 MB - 125 MB used - 85 MB free (=wasted!) /cache 40 MB - 2 MB used - 38 MB free (=wasted!) /data 210 MB - 200 MB used - 10 MB free (problem with space, warning that no space left!) After: /system 128 MB - 125 MB used - 3 MB free /cache 4.5 MB - 2 MB used - 2.5 MB free /data 330 MB - 200 MB used - 130 MB free ( :) ) How to change your partition layout: (no root required; works with ALL ROMs) 1. create an nandroid backup, either * using clockwork recovery, pressing Volume Down while pressing power on button on startup) * or using ZTE-Blade Recovery Manager or some other nandroid backup tool. 2. download the partition layout suitable for your /system size ([Custom] ROM size), e.g.: * 128 MB system, 4.5MB cache, 324MB data: by wbaw (MD5 sum: 5eb8c0f5bba4e02fe30b86a96eb64ef8) * 136 MB system, 1.5MB cache, 319MB data:]/url] by wbaw (MD5 sum: 8c1f3c28c317a435321e31cb31477e28) Caution! Not all ROMs will work with a 128 MB system partition. If your ROM is bigger, you must install a bigger partition layout. Or you can uninstall apps from the /system/app folder that you don't need or reinstall them in /data/app. How to do this? 1.) Download the App "Uninstaller for Root" from the market, 2.) Backup the /system/app/XYZ.apk of the App to your sdcard (using "Uninstaller for Root" or manually). 3.) Install the XYZ.apk from your sdcard (in the folder 'RootUninstaller') using a File manager. For example, Google maps (Maps.apk) is around 5 MB. * other layouts you can get from the thread Partition layout change or Partition Mod for Japanese Jellyfish RLS9 (you just need the 2 files appsboot.mbn and partition_zte.mbn from the archives) * Caution! the 2 files 'appsboot.mbn' and 'partition_zte.mbn' really shouldn't be corrupted because that potentially could permanently damage (brick) the phone. Therefore you should always check MD5 checksums, e.g. using md5sum tool for windows. 3. create a new dir on your SD card, 'image'. low case. copy the content of in this folder (appsboot.mbn and partition_zte.mbn). Then copy the bin files from your nandroid backup to this folder, boot.img, recovery.img, system.img, data.img. Then rename data.img to userdata.img 4. You also need the files 'appsboothd.mbn' and 'partition.mbn'. You can get them from a TPT (Total Phone Transfer) Image Zip-File, e.g. from Japanese Jellyfish RLS9 (download the 5. Now you should have a directory "image" on your sd card, containing these files: * appsboot.mbn * partition_zte.mbn * boot.img * recovery.img * system.img * userdata.img * appsboothd.mbn * partition.mbn 6. ensure your battery is not empty, then turn on your phone with volume up button pressed. some green text will appear ("Update from T-Card" or something like this). If it doesn't work, try pressing volume up and menu button. 7. wait for the process to complete (2mins max.) 8. Now you should have partition sizes changed and about 100MB more free space left 9. After loading the new firmware, it makes sense to rename the /image folder, such as to /flashedimage, so that it cannot be accidentally reflashed again in the future.


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Feb 4, 2011
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Did you ever have any luck with this? I've tried on my rooted, but stock ROM Droid 1, but haven't had any luck getting it to work at step #6.

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