Charger falling out.


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Feb 8, 2014
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I am having problems with charging cables on my S6 (G920F). The problem is they all seem to be falling out easily and are very loose when inserted. They seem to fall out under the weight of the cable and connector alone. I've always been very careful to plug the connector in a straight in fashion. I have tried three genuine Samsung cables and several other manufacturers cables but they all seem to be loose and fall out. Most of the time the phone fails to fast charge even with the genuine cables. If I put the phone down on the table I have to hold the cable in place until the phone is down and any slight movement of the base of the phone causes the cable to fall out. I have checked the port for lint and can't see anything there. I gave it a very careful once over with a cocktail stick to be doubly sure and nothing came out. The cables seem to stay in well at first but after being unplugged and plugged in a couple of times they come loose. My phone seems to be eating micro-USB connectors and I have to replace the cables very frequently. I have checked all the cables on other devices and they all seem to create a good connection and stay in under their weight with a very tiny amount of force needed to remove the connector as per normal and as to be expected.

I went to the shop where I brought it from and they tried a brand new cable in it and sure enough it stayed in. I explained to them that new cables would stay in at first but were coming loose very quickly and that I had tried at least five different cables in it many of which had been unused but they just looked at me as if I was some sort of moron. So I went away but the problem has got worse.

What should I do?


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Jun 1, 2010
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Based on what you have said either have the data port replaced on the phone or replace the phone.
You seem to have done a good job ruling out the cables as the problem. Mechanical connections wear out over time. Your data port might just be worn down.


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Dec 20, 2010
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I have had the same problem with the s6 that i had. New cables would be fine, but under a week i had the same problem.

It is the port in the phone that its bad. You will have to get the usb port in the phone replaced.

I replaced it on my own. The part id's under 10 bucks.

The problem is you have to remove the screen to do it, and that is the hard part.

My screen was already cracked so i replace that at the same time.

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