Clockwork on Fascinate


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Oct 15, 2010
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I am a Captivate user myself, but two work buddies are on the Fascinate. I am trying to help them out with loading the froyo leak for the Fascinate, which we have loaded and IS working... however, I have a question about Clockwork Recovery.

On my device, after the one time flashing Clockwork via ROM Manager, I copied off the Ever since, if I master cleared or flashed to stock, I just copy the same back on, flash in 2e, and then can flash whatever I want without any rooting required.

However, if seems that there is some extra mojo on the Fascinate recovery? Just copying the around does not seem to do the job. I have been reading the CWR threads at XDA, and there is still some confusion there about a working version. I was hoping someone that knew the difference could explain so I could better assist my buddies.