Clone - Best, easiest way to replace end-of-life microSD in S20FE without losing the original file dates, hidden files, etc metadata


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Oct 10, 2023
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S20FE phone with a Samsung 256GB microSD card that's been installed for a few years.
I recently had a corrupt file message appear in the photos folder along with the phone suggesting to replace the microSD card as it's reaching its end of life.
I have a new replacement microSD card ready to install, retaining the data from the old microSD card.

What is the best way to copy or clone over everything from the old Samsung 256GB microSD card onto a new ProPlus Samsung 256GB microSD card, without losing the original creation dates, hidden files and storage structure (metadata) that a standard copy and paste is likely to do?

There seem to be many options to copy: Clone RAW copy, Samsung Smart Switch app, Windows Explorer, USB drives... but I don't know which will retain the full metadata.
What's the cleanest, easiest way to do this in its entirety?