Computer not recognizing Desire as Disk Drive

Gadget Guy

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Dec 21, 2010
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I recently updated my microSD card to a 16GB card (from the 8GB that came preloaded). Everything seems to work fine on the phone. However, when I try to connect the phone to my computer via the cable (to transfer pics/audio/etc.), the computer no longer recognizes my phone when I try to mount as a Disk Drive.

It seems to work fine for charging and when I use HTC Sync to load .apk files.

Any help would be appreciated.


Moscow Desire

Mar 3, 2011
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How long do you wait, sounds mad but it can take my pc literally 5 mins to find it.i

Same here, my pc takes about 1.5-2 min for it to recognize. I suspect maybe the larger SD card, the longer it may take?

I'd say put your old sd card in, and try it. If it works, then it may be an issue with the SD card. Also try formatting it first.