Considering first Chromebook: Working with large local file sets?


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Nov 7, 2017
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At work, I'm using a MacBook Pro that I couldn't do without, but at home, I often feel I could get away with a Chromebook. I'm very tempted to replace the MacBook Air I'm using at home with an Asus Flip C302, since my top 3 applications don't go beyond checking emails, browsing the web and watching and recording videos for guitar lessons. On the few occasions I write documents, I can do fine with Google Docs, Google Keep and the like.

That said, I do maintain a large music library of tunes ripped from CDs or vinyl records and the occasional mp3 purchase. I do not subscribe to any streaming music, and I don't really want to.

Also, I have a large photo library, and while I no longer do involved photo editing due to time constraints, I do want to maintain access to those photos.

Combined, my photo and music libraries are very large, in excess of 500GB, and they currently live on an external harddrive, which I back up to another external drive through TimeMachine.

I'm not married to iTunes (in fact, I kinda hate it), but I almost hate Google Play more since it's unbelievable buggy and limited in its feature. As long as it's feasible, I would have no problem converting my music library into something else, like Pulsar.

So my main question is: How can I maintain (and backup) my music and photo libraries with a Chromebook?

Or is the conclusion that a Chromebook may not be for me, and I need to stick with my MacBook for this reason?