Consing Android but want these features


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Jan 17, 2012
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Features on Android I am Looking For

The Ability to be able to swipe up to exit to the apps screen.*

Swiping right takes me to a hub where all my messages would be. Email, text, bbm, what's app, Facebook, etc.*

When I get a message a small bag pops down from the top allowing me to answer it without opening a new app or leaving the one I am in.*

I want to be able to watch YouTube videos and have then running in the background when I exit the browser to do something else.*

I want my keyboard to ( able to swipe backwards to delete, swop down to show alternate characters and swop up to select letters.*

I would like to be able to switch songs using the volume rocker.*

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Well, it sounds like you want Android to be Blackberry 10. Of course, you'll need to realize that you probably won't be able to make it completely like BB, but at least there are options to get halfway there. For example, there's Swipe Launcher, which gives you the ability to assign any app action to a swipe up.

When you get a text message or email, you get a notification in the top notification bar. In stock Android, you may not be able to do exactly what you're asking, but you can toggle pretty easily to the messaging app to respond, and then toggle back to what you were doing by using the Recent Apps list.

Pocket Skip Track allows you to double tap the volume button to skip tracks when listening to music.

I found the above apps by doing a Google search for "Android swipe up" and "Android volume rocker skip track," paying attention to results that are from the Google Play Store. I suggest you do the same to look for Android apps that will allow you to customize your experience to get it as close as possible to Blackberry. Good luck!


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Feb 12, 2012
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What you're asking for are parts of the locker, the launcher and the browser. The definitive solution is to write your own locker, launcher and browser. Since you probably don't want to, or can't, do that, your best option is to either buy an Android phone, or install Android on your computer, and see which apps suit your needs best. It's not like one phone will let you run an app by swiping up and another phone will let you run an app by swiping right - it's the launcher that determines that, and you can run just about any launcher on any Android phone. So it's a matter of which apps you prefer, not which phone you need.

First decide on the network you need. Then decide on your price range. Then choose a phone within your price range that will work on the network you need. In almost all cases, with a current phone you can install the locker, launcher and browser (or YouTube app) you prefer. The only problems you might run into is if you choose a bottom-line phone. They're a lot slower and have a lot less memory available (both for storage and to run programs) than more expensive phones.

BTW, no program continues to run after you exit it. The two terms, run and exit, are mutually exclusive. You can start a video running in an app (browser or something else), then go to another app and the video will keep running. But if you exit the app that's running the video, it stops doing - anything (including running the video). That's what exit means - stop running.